Water status: June 6, 2020

Dear Silver Lake Ditch Water Users,

Barker Reservoir finally spilled last weekend, adding about 450cfs to Boulder Creek.
The heat is on… and Hallelujah, we are now in priority! The Silver Lake Ditch is ON!
Direct Users please do not take any water at this time…we need every drop to push
the water to Wonderland Lake by the end of today, Saturday, June 6th , and on to the
headgate of the Armory Lateral (our last lateral) on Sunday afternoon. At this time, we’ll
not be running water to Mesa Reservoir.

Lateral Chairs, we’ll notify you as soon as water is available for flushing! Please
contact Ditch Rider, Elizabeth Avery (315-529-1957) to arrange for the opening of
your headgates.

Thanks so much for your cooperation and understanding!

Jim Snow, for the Board of Directors