Water status: May 31, 2020

The Silver Lake Ditch is hoping to run water the first week of June. Please make sure your laterals are clean and ready for the flow.

Up to now, senior water rights on the South Platte called for water, which meant that we have not been in priority. Things could now change quickly: Barker Reservoir spilled last night (May 30, 2020), given heavy mountain precipitation. This event could lessen the senior water calls on the South Platte, enabling the Silver Lake Ditch to come into priority.

The very strange spring weather left our ditch in temporary limbo. We started with above average snowfall in the high mountains of our watershed, but warm days caused considerable estivation—the direct evaporation from snow. Even as the Boulder watershed is in good shape, and SLD full storage is assured, the rest of the state is experiencing a drought.

Please treasure our wonderful water!