Laterals and lateral chairs

There are twelve laterals, each with a lateral chair. See list with telephone numbers below. Final division of water among users on laterals is achieved by proportional time-sharing as scheduled by the lateral chair. Lateral users are responsible for cleaning and maintaining their laterals. The maintenance responsibilities and liability of the Main Ditch end once the water leaves the Main Ditch and are then the responsibility of each lateral. Laterals serve also as storm-water run-off so should be kept clean throughout the year.

South Juniper: Tom Mayer, 918 Juniper Ave, 303 442-5311 – home, 303 522-5696 – cell.

North Juniper: Jon and Brenda Bennett, 3525 Broadway, [email protected], 303-447-1650, 303-442- 2901

South Kalmia: Gerhard Koepf, 700 Kalmia, [email protected], 303-440-9889

North Kalmia: Kim Bloomer, 501 Kalmia, [email protected], 303-939-9690

South Linden: Dale Hubbard, 833 Kalmia, [email protected], 720-244-8119

North Linden: Don and Beth Bowman, 1130 Linden, [email protected], 303-546-0753

East Kalmia (south half of Hilltop): Mike Schwartz, [email protected], 303-440-

South Norwood (north half of Hilltop): Susan Caso and Jaime Doucet, 1350 Meadow, [email protected], 303-646-7394

North Norwood: Angelo Barr, 2280 Norwood, [email protected], 303-443-6468

Githen’s Acres: Steve Barrera, 4300 Agate, [email protected] , 303-819-5664

Violet: Win and DiAnne Franklin, 4380 13 th St., [email protected] 303-442-6241

Armory: Jan and Amy Morzel, 2075 Upland, [email protected], 303-413-1711