Water Status: Ditch ON to flush laterals, June 6th

Ditch Status: lateral flushing today and regular schedule to begin tomorrow June 7th for night laterals and Wednesday June 8th for day laterals.

Contact Ditch Rider Elizabeth Avery 315-529-1957 for scheduling questions. Read below for details.  Any questions email [email protected]

Dear Silver Lake Ditch Water Users,

Lateral flushing will continue today and tomorrow.  Please arrange with Ditch Rider, Elizabeth Avery (315 529-1957), to schedule your flushing.
Direct Users, you may test your systems between 6 AM & 6 PM, but please do not take any water yet!

Regular watering schedules will begin for Night Laterals at 6 PM tomorrow night (Tuesday, 6/7)

Day Laterals may start regular watering schedules at 6 AM Wednesday morning, 6/8.  Please contact Elizabeth Avery (315 529-1957) to arrange for the opening of your headgates.

We’ll be monitoring the weather closely and balancing our water use this season in order to save our precious Storage Water for use later in the summer/early fall when it’s hot and dry.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Happy watering!

Silver Lake Ditch Board of Directors