Water Status: Final full day will be Friday, October 8th

Silver Lake Ditch final day schedule

The end of the season is nearing – Our final full water day will be Friday, October 8th.
Please read below for details and let us know if you have any questions.  Email info@silverlakeditch.org.

Dear Silver Lake Ditch Water Users,

We’ve confirmed with the City that our final full water day will be Friday, October 8th.  We’re planning on closing the head gate by 6:30AM Saturday morning, October 9th, to enable Night Users to receive their full allocation.

  • Day Laterals will run on Friday, October 8th from 6:30AM to 6:30PM.
  • Night Laterals will run Friday night, October 8th into Saturday morning, October 9th, with flow tapering off into the early afternoon.   Day gates will remain closed on Saturday, October 9th.
  • Direct Users will take water according to your usual schedule.  Please do not take water before 6:30AM or after 6:30PM

Please remember that at this time of year, falling leaves, freezing temperatures and/or falling snow can close us down at any time.

We’ve had a wet spring and a hot, dry summer… thankfully, we’ve enjoyed a good water season, despite the numerous shut-downs for maintenance and water conservation.  We trust everyone has been able to put our water to beneficial use!

Happy Fall!

Jim Snow, for the Board of Directors
Silver Lake Ditch & Reservoir Company