Water Status: SLD Back On! Thursday August 5th

Silver Lake Ditch Back On

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Dear Silver Lake Ditch Water Users,

With temperatures returning to the 90’s again tomorrow, we’ll be starting up the Ditch early Thursday morning.  In anticipation, we’ll be bringing the water down with a small crew only as far as Sunshine this afternoon, allowing the flow to return to Boulder Creek.  At 6:00 AM tomorrow, Thursday, August 5th, we’ll start at Sunshine and bring the water on down for our users.

The good news is that this latest water-conservation shut-down should enable us to run water through the first week in October.  Please remember that we’ll be running on our Storage supply at the slightly reduced flow of 3cfs (cubic feet per second).  Since we’ll be running on less water, it’s very important to stick to your watering schedule

Day Laterals & Direct Users will be late in starting up… expect to see water mid-to-late morning.   Night Laterals should see water at their usual times. 

As a reminder to you Direct Users, please limit your watering times to the daylight hours – 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  That enables our night users to receive their fair share.

Thank you, and Happy Watering!

Jim Snow, for the Board of Directors