Water Status: Temporary Shut Down beginning June 28th To Conserve Storage Water

Silver Lake Ditch Shut-down for a few days

Since Mother Nature has provided some welcome moisture we are going to shut the ditch down for a few days to preserve our storage water for later use. Please read below for the details.

June 28, 2021

Dear Silver Lake Ditch Water Users,

In view of this recent 1 ½ to 2-inches of moisture, we’ve decided to turn off the Silver Lake Ditch to conserve our Storage water, enabling us to extend our season to nearly the end of September.

Our plan is to shut down tonight (Monday, 6/28/21) and be closed Tuesday, 6/29; Wednesday, 6/30; Thursday, 7/1; and Friday, 7/2.  We’re planning to reopen early Saturday morning, but will reassess soil conditions and the weather forecast to determine whether or not to extend our closure through the Holiday Weekend.

We’ll keep you posted…

Thank you,
Jim Snow, for the Board of Directors